Artist Statement

            I am an artist and a woodworker. I make figurative, narrative sculptures in wood in an attempt to unmask the ways in which our possessions stand in as proxies for our bodies.
            I’ll explain: My work originally developed in the domain of furniture, built to be functional yet originating from personal and social narratives. As I have grown as a woodworker I find myself more interested in the stories that furniture can tell than with a piece’s actual function. In my work I make the observation that narratives become embedded within things—those histories, stories, and projections that we impose upon objects to make them meaningful to our own lives—and this is especially true to the shapes and materials we choose for the furnishings we make. As an artist I seek out narratives that lurk within these objects, imposing their forms and affects onto human figures in wood sculptures. The effect is a dialogue between our human and our fabricated forms.

Headlands headshot 6.jpg