I'm Moved Out of the Headlands

Today I say goodbye to my Headlands Center for the Arts studio. What a great experience! It provided me the space to begin something ambitious and new with my work, which is a big deal. And I met a fabulous group of interesting and dedicated people out there as well.

Now I must find a new home for my work, hopefully somewhere more permanent, so that I can complete this piece.


"Highboy" Is Standing!

Today I stood the sculpture upright, now that the glue has dried in the pedestal joinery. It's kind of an exciting moment to be able to stand in front of this thing.

I'll be adding the trim work to the pedestal next, which will leave only the finishing work. After that's done, I'll have nothing else to do but carve, carve, CARVE.


It's Gluing-Up!

This has to be one of the dicier glue-ups I've ever done, and it's basically two clamps.

This really is a huge moment for me on this piece: it feels like I'm turning a corner.


Fitting the Base to the Feet

I'm in the process of fitting the figure and base pedestal together now. It's exciting to get these things joined up and see how they'll look.


Nearly There

I've almost made all the toes.

Can't wait to get this thing standing up on its own.


The Toes Are Emerging

It was challenging work placing the ankle of this foot just right, but having worked that out I'm making good time carving the toes. I expect that in another week or two I'll have this foot all detailed and ready.


I'm shaping the other foot now.

The chainsaw work, besides being very satisfying, is also pretty quick. Now I'm using rasp tools to bring out the foot form. Then I'll use gouges to shape the final details before sanding.


Showing a Little Leg

The Cabriole leg is revealing nicely.
Pretty soon I'll flip this block over and begin shaping the left foot too.


Shaping the Slipper Foot

I'm shaping the feet while I apply the finish to the pedestal top, that way I'll be able to glue the two parts together in their finished form, damage-free.


There's the figure!

In between wiping coats of finish on the pedestal top, I glued these enlarged photocopies of my original drawing onto my glued up wood block. This will give me a clear reference for when I'm chainsawing away the excess.


Base Frame!

I fit the last mortise & tenon joint together today in the base frame for my sculpture. Some were machine cut; some I did by hand. Phew!

Now I get to work on the pedestal top surface and shape the edge molding.


Fun with Hand Tools

All those hours learning how to flatten a board by hand back in grad school are paying off as I smooth and square these large tenons below the feet of my sculpture. Large mortise joints are next!


Ready for Carving

I've made a big block of wood, and I can't wait to get started shaping it into a figure. But first I will make its pedestal so I can stand it up.

Lots to do.

Also, the Open House at Headlands Center was a nice event. Thanks to everyone who came out to visit my studio.


Glue-up & More Glue-up!

While I've still got more gluing up to do, I thought it would be worth showing just how big this thing is getting. I think it's going to be nearly a gallon of glue by the time I'm done.


Milling & Gluing

After much milling and much gluing [left in the photo], I have arrived at the point where I can layout the figure of my sculpture [right in the photo].

I'm ready for the next phase of milling and gluing in which I assemble the full figure. If you squint you can see the shape of a body here.


1/3 Ton of Wood

My wood has been delivered to the shop I'm using to mill up the wood for my sculpture. What you see here is 219 board-feet by length, or 679 pounds by weight of lovely, thick African Mahogany.


First, I draw....

These drawings will tell me how much mahogany I'll need to buy and where to put it. It's gonna be big.